Mata Ortiz Information

Online Publications

Fisher, Richard D.
2000 A promotion of the author's Mexico's Copper Canyon (which see above) with appealing life story of Tarahumara violin maker and leader, Patracinio Lopez ..

Lerch, Gary and Carolyn
2003 Mata Ortiz III. A nice account and pictures of an excursion by a group of friends from Sun City, Arizona to Mata Ortiz, March 18-20. Contact

Goffin, Barbara
1996 "The Potters of Mata Ortiz," OneWorld Magazine, the cultural and environmental information magazine of the Envirolink Network. Text adapted from the author's 1994 ethnographic video of the same name (which see below under "CDs and Videocassettes"). Well written and sparely but superbly illustrated. Contact Laura Jaurequi (Fax 512-451-3879), editor, OneWorld Magazine, PO Box 49934, Austin TX 78751

Lakeview Museum
2001 "The Potters of Mata Ortiz: Transforming a Tradition." A traveling exhibition toured by ExhibitsUSA, at the Museum in Peoria Illinois, Nov 4, 2000 - Jan 7, 2001.

Legler, June
2000 "The Power of Clay: A Report to My Friends." Coast Views Magazine, November. Personal account of a workshop with Juan Quezada in the Sierra Madre Mountains near Mata Ortiz. Contact: Janetta Roach (650-726-0307), editor, Coast Views Magazine, PMB 507, 80Q N. Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. [Search, then click on title.]

Sharp, Jay W.
2000 "On the Way to Paquimé," DesertUSA Magazine (August), a monthly internet-based magazine. The best overview of the archaeology of Paquimé we’ve seen, and entertainingly written. Contact DesertUSA (858-673-6001, Fax 858 673 6007), Digital West Media Inc., 16855 West Bernardo Dr, Suite 240, San Diego, CA 92127.

Taylor, Ron, Jim Budde, and BSU Art Students
2001 "Mata Ortiz Potters." Illustrated account of a Lydia Quezada and Rito Talavera ceramic workshop at Boise State University, Boise ID, October 4-5, 2001.Published by the Treasure Valley Community College Art Department.

University of Dallas
1998 "Juan Quezada & Harding Black," a show and demonstration by Juan Quezada created for the annual conference of the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). Introductory text, "Juan Quezada," by Bill Gilbert.

VanPool, Christine S., Rafael Cruz Antillón, Robert D. Leonard, Gordon F.A. Rakita, and Todd L. VanPool
1999 Field Guide to the Ceramic Types of the Casas Grandes Region. University of New Mexico. Illustrates and describes the various prehistoric pottery types.